November 2019 Beneath the Surface, group exhibition, City Art Centre, Edinburgh.

Saturday 16th (November) and runs until Sunday 1st (March) - 

March 2019 A Stillness that Contains Movement, solo exhibition, The Briggait,


Preview Friday 8th and runs until Friday 29th -

March 2019 Hybrid Madrid with WASPS.

Friday 1st until Sunday 3rd - 

February 2019 Should I Stay or Should I Go?, group exhibition, Patrick Heide

Contemporary Art, London.

Preview Wednesday 27th (February) and runs until 13th (April) -

February 2019 Anonymous Drawings Archive, group exhibition, Kunsthaus Kannen,


Preview Sunday 10th (February) and runs until 19th (May) - 

October 2018 Invited to donate a painting for the annual charity auction TWO x TWO -

For Aids and Art held at The Rachofsy House, Dallas.

Gala and auction Saturday 27th - www.

July 2018 Anonymous Drawings, group exhibition, Galerie im Kornerpark, Berlin.

Preview Friday 13th (July) and runs until Wednesday 19th (September) -

June 2018 Paper Skies, solo exhibition, Holly Johnson Gallery, Dallas.

Preview Saturday 30th (June) and runs until Saturday 29th (September) -  

June 2018 Somewhere Over the Interconnected Rainbow, group exhibition, Drawing

Rooms, New Jersey.

Friday 8th until Sunday 10th - 

May 2018 Artist at Work, group exhibition, National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh.

Saturday 12th (May) and runs until Sunday 2nd (September) - 

March 2018 Catalogue printed - Eric Cruikshank Clear Light Day Soft Dark Night -

with interview by Sibylle Feucht from 2017 solo exhibition at DAS ESSZIMMER. 

February 2018 Updated Flat File works at Pierogi Gallery, New York

September 2017 Clear Light Day - Soft Dark Night, solo exhibition,


Preview Thursday 7th (September) and runs until Thursday 26th (October) -

August 2017 Fault Lines, group exhibition, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh.

Curated by The Drawing Works and will form part of the Edinburgh Arts Festival.

Preview Friday 4th and runs until Sunday 27th -

A catalogue will be printed to accompany the exhibition with an introductory essay by

Deanna Petherbridge.

May 2017 The Relative Meduim, joint exhibition (with Michael Craik),

Galleri Konstepidemin, Gothenburg.

Saturday 13th (May) and runs until Sunday 4th (June) -

April 2017 FAR OFF Cologne with DAS ESSZIMMER.

Thursday 27th until Sunday 30th -  

March 2017 Trace - Press - Bleed - Blend, joint exhibition (with Laura Campbell),

Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh.

Preview Friday 31st (March) and runs until Sunday 9th (April) -

March 2017 Extended Process, group exhibition, Saturation Point Projects, London.

Friday 17th (March) and runs until Saturday 22nd (April) -   

December 2016 Oppenheim-John Downes Memorial Trust Award.   

September 2016 Continuum, joint exhibition (with Ian Kane), RAUMX, London.

Preview Thursday 15th and runs until Saturday 24th -

June 2016 DAS ESSZIMMER goes Weltraum during Art Basel, group exhibition,

Weltraum, Basel.

Preview Wednesday 15th and runs until Friday 17th -

May 2016 Repetition Takes Form, solo exhibition, AIS Gallery, Shibukawa.

Saturday 28th (May) and runs until Saturday 4th (June) -

October 2015 Interviewed by Eileen Budd for Redbird Review -

August 2015 Secret Artbox Postcard Sale, group exhibition, Fold Gallery, London.

Preview Thursday 20th and runs until Thursday 27th -

August 2015 Anonymous Drawings, group exhibition, Kunstverein

Tiergarten/Galerie Nord, Berlin.

Preview Saturday 1st and runs until Saturday 29th.

The show will then travel to Galerie ARTQ13, Rome; Galerie GEYSO20, Braunschweig &

Kunstverein Russelsheim -  

April 2015 Ways of Seeing, joint exhibition (with Michael Craik), Howden Park Centre,


Friday 10th (April) and runs until Sunday 24th (May).

Both artists will be in conversation at the Centre on Thursday 14th May 7pm till 9pm -

March 2015 Plus | Minus | Repeat, solo exhibition, Sleeper Gallery, Edinburgh.

Preview Friday 6th (March) and runs until Tuesday 7th (April) -

June 2014 Work will be featured in the catalogue - ParisCONCRET - covering all the

exhibitions and projects from their programme.

March 2014 Edinburgh Council Visual Artists Award. 

October 2013 Kunst Zurich with Galerie Albrecht.

Thusday 31st (October) until Sunday 3rd (November) -

September 2013 Malerei, joint exhibition (with Michael Craik), Galerie Albrecht, Berlin.

Preview Friday 13th (September) and runs until Saturday 12th (October) -

August 2013 Catalogue printed - Michael Craik & Eric Cruikshank Malerei - with

introductory essay by Kate Andrews for upcoming joint exhibition at Galerie Albrecht.

July 2013 Poste Concret2, group exhibition, ParisCONCRET.

Preview Saturday 20th (July) and runs until Saturday 3rd (August) -

July 2013 Hope Scott Trust Award (joint award with Michael Craik).

March 2013 Anonymous Drawings, group exhibition, Kunstverein

Tiergarten/Galerie Nord, Berlin.

Preview Saturday 23rd (March) and runs until Saturday 20th (April).

The show will then travel to Galerie Delikatessenhaus, Leipzig & TAC, Eindhoven -

March 2013 Colour as Subject, solo exhibition, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh.

Preview Friday 15th and runs until Sunday 24th -

November 2012 Anonymous Drawings Crowdfunding Exhibition, Bar Babette, Berlin.

Tuesday 27th -

June 2012 The Solo Project Basel with Galerie Albrecht.

Preview Wednesday 13th until Sunday 17th -

May to July 2012 Residency at Mustarinda, Finland -

February 2012 Group exhibition, Galerie Albrecht, Berlin.

Preview Friday 10th (February) and runs until Saturday 10th (March) -

February 2012 Catalogue printed - Ian Kane and Eric Cruikshank DPS - with

introductory essay by Gina Wall from 2010 joint exhibition at Dalcross Project Space.

December 2011 Anonymous Drawing Archive, group exhibition, Sihlquaiss Offspace,


Preview Friday 9th and runs until Sunday 18th -

August 2011 Poste Concret, group exhibition, ParisCONCRET.

Preview Saturday 6th and runs until Saturday 20th - 

April 2011 Dallas Art Fair with Gebert Contemporary.

Friday 8th until Sunday 10th - 

December 2010 Anonymous Drawing Archive, group exhibition, Uferhallen, Berlin.

Preview Thursday 9th and runs until Sunday 19th -

October 2010 Joint exhibition (with Ian Kane), Dalcross Project Space, Inverness-shire.

Preview 23rd, show open on the 24th, 30th and 31st -

October 2010 Moments of Absence, solo exhibition, Limousine Bull, Aberdeen.

Preview Friday 15th and runs until Sunday 24th -

October 2010 When I Was Small, I Didn't Work Big, solo exhibition,

Galerie Albrecht, Berlin.

Preview Friday 8th (October) and runs until Saturday 13th (November) -

September 2010 The Colour of Home, solo exhibition, Gebert Contemporary, Santa Fe.

Preview Friday 3rd (September) and runs until Monday 4th (October) -

April 2010 Art Chicago with Galerie Albrecht.

Friday 30th (April) until Monday 3rd (May) -

February & March 2010 Residency at The Santa Fe Art Institute - www.sfai org

January 2010 En Forme, solo exhibition (with Cecilia Vissers), ParisCONCRET.

Preview Saturday 9th and runs until Saturday 30th -

December 2009 Anonymous Drawings, group exhibition, Kunstraum Kreuzberg/Bethanien, Berlin.

Exhibition runs from Saturday 12th (December) until Sunday 17th (January 2010).

Drawing selected for the exhibition catalogue.

Work also taken into the Bluetenweiss Archive -

November 2009 Pollock-Krasner Foundation Award.

November 2009 Kunst Zürich with Galerie Albrecht.

Friday 13th until Monday 16th - 

October 2009 Hi-Arts Exhibition Grant. 

June 2009 Colour | Light | Space, solo exhibition and catalogue launch

- Eric Cruikshank Paintings and Drawings -

with an introductory essay by Daniel Herrmann, Highland Institute for Contemporary

Art, Inverness-shire.

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th -